July, 2006.  Hell, Norway.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

KILLEDBYDEATH.COM releases Punk Rock Pac-Man, an old game with a new twist.  The object of the game is collect records while avoiding hippies.  Guns are placed througout each of the four different levels and can be used to slay hippies when they cramp your pac-punk style.  Also,  bonus points are added for grabbing bars of soap.  Soap to hippies is like garlic to vampires.  The game is free to download and share.  Send comments to scott@killedbydeath.com

Screenshot from v1.3

Download Punk Rock Pac-Man v1.3 for Windows:

punkpac.exe  (1.4 MB  executable)

Note: program will run directly from a floppy /
USB flash drive / etc. does not requie install.

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