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Format(2/1) Artist(3/1) A-Side(4/1) B-Side(5/1) Label(6/1) Country(7/1) Year(8/1) Cat(9/1) Condition(10/1) Price US(11/1) Notes(12/1),,

7inch 999 Indian Reservation So Greedy / Taboo Albion UK 1981 ION 1023 VG+ / VG+ 10 Nice graphics on ps, tiny writing (name) on back sleeve minor ringwear on front,

7inch 999 Homicide Soldier UA UK 1978 UP 36467 EX / EX 10 Green vinyl original small hole UK press clean vinyl slight ringwear on sleeve,,

7inch A.P.P.L.E. The Observer / They Never Said... Shanty Town Blues / Where Have All... Vinyl Communications US 1987 VC 2 EX / EX 10 ""A Sensitive Fascist Is Very Rare"" EP w/ original booklet insert",,

7inch A.P.P.L.E. Our Founding Fathers / Time Blowing In The Wind / Fuck R.C.A. Broken Rekids US 1986 BK-2 - / EX 5 original red vinyl press of second EP by NY punks on SF label no picture sleeve,,

7inch Absentees Revenge / Can't Relate Phoney / Can't See Me Brain Transplant US 1998 BTX07 NM / NM 15 ""4 Previously Unreleased Punk Rock Faves From 1981"" #d 268/500",,

CASS Adolf and the Piss Artists Heroes / Terminators / We Don't Pose Death of Honor / Fire Another Round / For Adolfs Only 45 Revolutions US 1997 No # EX / EX 10 Pre-7"" demo with ""rough"" versions--original copy from band", phone # on back,

CASS Adverts Quickstep / Gary Gilmore's Eyes One Chord Wonders / New Boys / Bored Teenagers Strange Fruit US 1987 DE18324 EX / EX 5 Peel Session cassette EP-small drill hole on side otherwise EX shape-non Lp vers,,

7inch Adverts Gary Gilmores Eyes Bored Teenagers Anchor UK 1977 ANC 1043 - / EX 6 Origial press, no picture sleeve, both great tracks classic UK punk

7inch Adverts One Chord Wonders Quick Step Stiff UK 1977 BUY 13 - / EX 10 First record, in Stiff Records sleeve--pretty great single,

7inch Alter Ego Sandy / Magic / Leather and Lace Soap Opera Junkie / Especially You / Tell That Girl to Shut Up Backstreet IT 2002 BS 06 NM / NM 5 Early 80s recordings US band on Italian label ex-arthurs dilemma, maloneys touch,

7inch Amazorblades Common Truth Messaround Chiswick UK 1977 NS20 VG+ / EX 10 Early UK release," AKA ""The Cool"," Cool Amazorblades"" minor sleeve wear"

7inch Angelic Upstarts Kids On The Street The Sun Never Shines EMI UK 1981 Z 16 VG+ / EX 10 minor ringwear and small sticker mark on front of pic sleeve--vinyl very clean,,

7inch Angelic Upstarts Teenage Warning The Young Ones WB UK 1979 K17426 VG+ / EX 10 minor bending and ringwear visible on pic sleeve vinyl is very shiny and clean,,

7inch AntiSeen / Cocknoose AntiSeen: I've Aged 20 Years In 5 Cocknoose: Livin On The Run Baloney Shrapnel US 1993 BS? EX / NM 25 Signed by 2 members of AntiSeen, red vinyl (150 made, see antiseen.com)

7inch Artless Beer Is Better Crassdriver Vinyl Communications US 1990 VC-17 NM / NM 10 with mykel board--red vinyl--lyrics printed on other side of foldout sleeve,,

7inch Aspirin Feast Not My Fault, Kill It With The Skillet, Slice of the Pie, Molded Clay World of Shit, Jesus Says Piss Poor US 1990 u-28212M EX / EX 10 AKA How Do You Call the Cops On The Cops EP red vinyl 3rd press includes insert

7inch Avant Gardener Gotta Turn Back / Strange Gurl In Clothes Back Door / Bloodclad Boogie Virgin UK 1977 VEP 1003 EX / EX 10 Early UK oddball Punk, minor ringwear on sleeve,,,

7inch Avengers Don't You, Kingdom The American in Me, White Nigger, C'mon Everybody Rough n Rare US 1990 No cat # EX / EX 15 Great fan press live EP rare tracks AKA Live Whiskey a GoGo '78 EP,

7inch Avengers Teenage Rebel Friends Really Fast SWE 1997 RF 25 EX / EX 20 1978 recordings, great non-Lp tracks remixed in 1995--inspired the CD on Lookout,,,

7inch B People War At Eight Weather To Worry / M.P.C.D. IRS / Faulty US 1981 FP 03 VG+ / VG+ 20 Minor wear to sleeve, small scuff on vinyl doesn't effect play.,,,

7inch Bad Brains Pay to Cum At the Movies Caroline US 1990 CAROL 1460 EX / EX 10 official 1990 repro on yellow vinyl other colors exist songs live amsterdam 1987,,,,

7inch Bags Dr. LB Frilly Underwear Helter Skelter IT 1991 HS 91704 EX / EX 10 red vinyl italian press--the bags from Mass. not the ones from California,,,,

7inch Bazooka Joe Did He Have To Die? + 2 Corporate Fuck + 2 Headcleaner US 1989 EYE002 EX / EX 15 “Their 2nd 7"""," AKA ""Send In The Klowns""” EP #d w/ insert",,,

flexi Billy and the Boingers I'm A Boinger U Stink But I Love You Eva-Tone made flexi no label info US 1987 No # - / EX 10 Bloom County's Bill the Cat rocks out hard -- u stink is actually Mucky Pup,,,,

7inch Black Market Baby Potential Suicide Youth Crimes Yesterday %26 Today US 1990 YAT 1 NM / NM 20 Official white vinyl repro of single originally on Limp #d 940/1000,,,,

7inch Blast Furnace and The Heatwaves Trust Me / Me and The Devil Can't Stop The Boy +1 Nighthawk UK 1978 HOT 1 EX / EX 15 AKA Blue Wave EP protopunky pubrock -- very clean,,,,

7inch Bollocks Another City / Blow Up The Bayou / Vicious + 3 Business Man / Inasion of the Plastics / War On Drugs + 2 Fetal US 1982 FR 2 EX / EX 25 Green colored sleeve (yellow exists also),,,,

7inch Bollocks City Life / Meditteran Riot on the Rockers / It's Your Choice But + 4 Fetal US 1983 FR 3 EX / EX 30 Harder to find 2nd EP by this Baltimore Punk band ex-Law and Order. w/ insert,,,,

7inch Bombers I'm A Liar Babe 2230 A.D. The Label UK 1978 TLR 006 SS 20 STILL SEALED in original cellophane wrap, on Dave Goodman's The Label,,,

7inch Boomtown Rats Lookin' After No. 1 Born to Burn / Barefootin' Ensign UK 1977 ENY 4 - / EX 5 first ep from first album small hole no pic sleeve -- 'their punkest moment',,,,

7inch Born Against Janelle El Mozote Lookout US 1993 LOOK73 NM / NM 20 Rare split with Screeching Weasel where they do songs written by each other,,,,

7inch Born Against Half Mast / Xmas Eve / 9 Years Later Born Against / Witness To A Rape Vermiform US 1990 VMFM 1 EX / EX 15 First EP, fantastic and original hardcore with insert,,,

7inch Bow Wow Wow Chihuahua (Mono) Chihuahua (Mono) RCA US 1981 PB -12338 VG+ / EX 10 double a-side mono DJ copy says NOT FOR SALE on label in regular issue pic slv,,,,

7inch Brian James Ain't That A Shame Living In Sin / I Can Make You Cry IRS UK 1979 IR 09501 EX / EX 10 his post-Damned pre-Lords of the New Church act feat. Stewart Copeland on drums,,,,

12inch Broken Home Stop Looking At Me, Shooting All The Lights Out, No Chance + 2 Shot Over Hill, Run Away From Home, Jerusalem + 2 Atlantic US 1980 SD 19274 EX / EX 6 gold promo stamp and timing strip sticker for airplay on jacket front

7inch Buzzcocks Are Everything Why She's a Girl From the Chain Store UA UK 1980 BP 365 EX / EX 10 extremely clean almost NM -- AKA 'Part 1 EP' -- a really fantastic single,,,,

7inch Celia and The Mutations Mony Mony Mean To Me UA UK 1977 UP 36262 VG+ / EX 10 Stranglers incognito with a girl named Celia on vocals, femvox on b-side nice,,,

7inch Celibate Rifles Johnny El Salvador Truetone AUS 1989 TS 2196 - / EX 5 no pic sleeve--stamped not for sale promo record--australian import,,,,

7inch Chain Gang Killer You / Beijing Cut Off The Drug Czars Head / + 1 Matador US 1990 OLE-15 EX/EX/EX 20 Double 7” inch pack official release of NY kbd band that did Son of Sam,,,,

7inch Child Molesters Pray For Surf Muscle Beach Party SFTRI / Ace and Duce US 1988 SFTRI 262 NM / NM 10 A-side is from 'Legendary Brown Album' flip side is a non-Lp track,,,,

7inch Chinas Comidas Peasant/Slave / Lover/Lover Snake In The Sun / Disease Exquisite Corpse US 1979 EC 2 VG+ / VG+ 10 Early Seattle punk band, includes original insert.,,,

7inch Chinas Comidas Snaps For The Rich Exquisite Corpse US 1979 ER 1 EX / EX 25 Great first singly by this Seattle-based group with female vocals,,,,

7inch Cinecyde Rock Meat / Underground Secret Agent Man / I Don't Want Nothin' From You Tremor US 1978 TR 003 EX / EX- 25 Black Vinyl Threat EP, small scuff,,,

7inch Classix Nouveaux The End... or the Beginning? Chemin Chagrin Liberty UK 1982 BPP 414 - / EX 5 post x-ray spex early 'new romantic' uk new wave with sal soto,,,,

7inch Count Bishops Train Train Taking It Easy Chiswick UK 1976 S5 EX / EX 15 second single by this important pubrock / protopunk british outfit,,,,

7inch Count Bishops Baby You're Wrong Stay Free Chiswick UK 1977 NS12 EX / EX 15 Third 7 inch release UK pub rock / proto punk superstars with attitude to spare,,,,

7inch Count Bishops I Take What I Want No Lies Chiswick UK 1978 NS33 EX / EX 15 Forth 7 inch release,,,,

CASS Cramps Creature From The Black Lagoon, Jailhouse Rock, Jackyard Backoff + 2 same as A side Enigma US 1990 7 73617-4 EX / EX 5 Creature From The Black Lagoon EP nice fold out J-card super clean copy,,

7inch Crap Detectors Expatriates From Reality Someones Sick Permanent Press US 1981 No # EX / EX 35 Very clean 2nd single from Lincoln Nebraska what are the odds,,,,

CASS Crass 1979 Session (5 songs), 1977 Session (9 songs) + Merry Crassmas tracks and Who Dunnit rare EPs Anok and Peace US 1989 No cat # EX / EX 6 Nice cassette issue of their rarities, custom Anok Jcard and cassette label,,

12inch Cure songs not listed on jacket or sleeve vinyl label shows icons as song titles Fiction UK FIX 1 1979 EX / EX 40 clean original pressing of their debut album great buzzcocks like pop punk,,,,

CASS Cure Killing an Arab / 10:15 Saturday Night / Fire in Cairo / Boys Don't Cry same as A-Side Strange Fruit UK 1989 SFPSC850 EX / EX 5 The Peel Sessions\ really just their 1st session recorded December 4th 1978,,,,

12inch Cure Boys Dont Cry / Plastic Passion / 10:15 Sat Night / Accuracy + 3 Killing an Arab / Fire in Cairo / Another Day / Grinding Halt + 2 Friction UK 1979 SPELF 26 VG+ / EX 35 Small seam split on sleeve top patched with clear tape vinyl very clean original,,,,

7inch Dag Nasty Field Day, Things That Make No Sense Under Your Influence, Safe No Label US 1988 No cat # NM / NM 10 white label fan press EP recorded Live at City Gardens in Trenton NJ,,

12inch Dancing Hoods Reputation, Idiot Kiss Graveyard Shift, Forget It, Not The Only One Confidential US 1984 CON-2 VG+ / EX 10 rare EP, overall very clean but a small amount of age wear and scuff on jacket

7inch Date Bait I'm Outta Here Strange Movies DSI US 1989 DSI 14 EX / EX 8 zany garage punk w/ kim kane from slickee boys (go-go dancing by the nudeniks),,,,

12inch Dayglo Abortions Stupid Songs / Argh Fuck Kill / Die Sinner Die / Bedtime Story + 6 Kill the Hosers / Religious Bumfucks / 1967 / I Killed Mommy + 7 Toxic Shock US 1986 TXLP-0s6 VG+ / VG+ 45 overall very clean but a few small defects on sleeve and small rip on B label,,,,

7inch Dead Boys It's All Right War Zone Coldfront US 2000 cf-305 NM / NM 10 aka 'buried gems' ep with liner notes from jimmy zero on back of sleeve,,,,

7inch Dead Kennedys Halloween Saturday Night Holocaust Alternative Tentacles UK 1982 Virus 28 EX / EX 10 UK Press small hole, minor bending on sleeve bottom,,,

CASS Dead Milkmen Beige Sunshine, Do the Brown Nose, Methodist Coloring Book + 4 Dollar Signs in Her Eyes, In Praise of Sha Na Na, Epic Tales... + 4 Enigma US 1990 7 73564-4 EX / EX 5 Metaphysical Graffiti album includes extra-long foldout j-card with lyrics

7inch Deniz Tek / Radio Birdman 100 Fools Alien Skies (Instrumental) Citadel AUS 1981 CIT 003 EX / EX 20 Split single with unreleased RB b-side and guys from Really Red helping out on A,,,,

7inch Destroy All Monsters What Do I Get Nobody Knows Cherry Red UK 1979 CHERRY 9 EX / EX 15 Great UK press of Detroit KBD band with ex-Stooges,,,,

7inch Destroy All Monsters Bored You're Gonna Die IDBI US 1978 EEEE 1 EX / EX 20 Original Ann Arbor, MI pressing--both songs killer. Features Ron Asheton.,,,

7inch Detention Too Noisy / El Salvador Let's Fight / Dead Rock N Rollers / plus 1 Bootleg US 1983 No # NM / NM 10 Live fan EP pressed 2000 or 2001,,,,,,,,,

CASS Devo Jocko Homo / It Doesn't Matter To Me / Going Under / Working In A Coal Mine + 5 Baby Doll / Satisfaction / Uncontrollable Urge / Gut Feeling / Gates of Steel +1 Enigma US 1989 7 73514-4 VG+ / VG+ 5 Live at The Palace 12/9/88 double length cassette some wear but plays fine,,,,,,,,,

7inch Devo Mechanical Man / Blockhead Blackout / Auto-Modown Elevator UK 1978 NICE 1 EX / EX 20 Very rare Devo EP, small hole UK prss with super early and great tracks,,,,,,,,

7inch Devo Are You Experienced? Growing Pains WB US 1984 7-29133 NM / NM 10 Cool paisley design picture sleeve--unplayed vinyl,,,,,,,,,

7inch Devo (I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting) Booji Boy US 1977 75677 EX / EX 15 Early Devo single, their self-released version on Booji Boy,,,,,,,,

flexi Dickies Roadkill

Overground UK 1990 OVER 017 NM 10 European Tour 1990 flexidisc -- one song, one side,,,,,,,,

7inch Dickies Paranoid I'm OK You're OK A%26M UK 1978 AMS 7368 EX / EX 15 2mm tear on top of ps, vinyl very shiny and clean--only played a few times,,,,,,,,

CASS Dickies Hair, Monster Island, Town Without Pity, Cross Eyed Tammy, Going Homo, Dummy Up Booby Trap, Magoomba II, Caligula, I'm Stan, Monkey See Monkey Do Enigma US 1989 7 73289-4 EX / EX 5 Second Coming LP cassette version includes extra long j-card foldout w/ lyrics

7inch Dictators Search and Destroy Sleepin With The T.V. On Asylum UK 1977 K 13091 - / NM 10 Small hole 45 UK press of NY band in generic asylum records sleeve,,,,,,,,,

7inch Dils I Hate The Rich You're Not Blank Gift of Life GER 1990 GIFT 007 EX / EX 20 official repro of 1977 single on red vinyl,,,,,,,,,

7inch Doctors of Madness Bulletin Waiting Polydor UK 1977 2058 921 EX / EX 15 Amazing first wave UK punk with saxaphone. small hole red label uk press.,,,,,,,,,

7inch Dr. Feelgood Milk and Alcohol Every Kind of Vice UA UK 1978 UP36468 VG+ / EX 10 some bending at top of picture sleeve, vinyl looks clean--great uk pub punk,,,,,,,,

CASS Dr. Sadistic and The Silverking Crybabies A Real Bad Case / I'm A Cliche / Space Kitten / Gay Mountain Man + 3 Dead Weight in the Hot Tub / Let's Eat the Cat / Tits As Big As Texas + 6 Flying Dog US 2002 No # EX / EX 10 2002 reissue of Aspen Colorodo goofy 1980-1981 albums scarce cassette version,,,,,,,,,

7inch Drones Lookalikes / Corgi Crap Hard On Me / You'll Lose OHMS UK 1977 GOODMIX 1 EX / EX 20 AKA 'Tempations of a White Collar Worker' EP original pressing first 7inch great,,,,,,,,,

7inch Eater Debutantes Ball / No More Thinking of the USA / Holland The Label UK 1978 TLR 007 EX / EX 20 AKA 'Get Your Yo-Yo's Out' EP live in 1978 white vinyl very clean copy,,,,,,,,,

7inch Eater Outside View You The Label UK 1977 TLR 01 VG / VG 10 First single, sleeve complete but dirty, vinyl shows dirt and minor scuffing,,,,,,,

7inch Electric Chairs Stuck On You / Paranoia Paradise The Last Time Illegal UK 1977 IL 002 EX / EX 10 Great first pressing AKA Wayne County and the Electic Chairs--small hole 45,,,,,

7inch Elvis Costello and the Attractions Accidents Will Happen / Allison Watching the Detectives Columbia UK 1978 AE7 1171 - / VG+ 5 small scuff on vinyl doesn't effect play white label promo small hole no ps,,,,,

CASS English Beat Mirror in the Bathroom, Hands Off She's Mine, Two Swords + 4 Ranking Full Stop, Big Shot, Whine and Grine-Stand Down Margaret + 4 IRS US 1980 70606 VG+ / EX 5 cassette titles partially worn off from age, otherwise in great shape

7inch English Beat Save It For Later Save It For Later IRS US 1982 IR-9909 EX / NM 10 double a-side stereo label says promo sleeve is large hole w/ english beat logo,,,,,

7inch Exploding White Mice Breakdown Number Two Bury Me Festial AUS 1988 K 651 EX / EX 10 Great white mouse picture sleeve--""Special Export"" sticker on back of sleeve.",,,,,

7inch Fearless Iranians From Hell Theme / Land Of The Free Blow Up The Embassy / Iranian Klan Boner US 1986 BR 06 EX / EX 20 Great first record (their best release) ""Blow Up The Embassy"" is a hit.",,,,,

7inch Flying Lizards Money Money B Virgin UK 1979 VS276 EX / EX 10 Small hole 45 very clean--great deconstruction of the Beatles hit,,,,,

flexi Funeral Oration Stop For A Moment Expanding Hopeless US 1995 112147-1AS VG+ 20 minor bending around the squared edges doesnt effect play clear 7 inch flexidisc,,,,,

7inch GG Allin Diarrhea Blues / Drink Fight and Fuck Cock On The Loose / Out For Blood Repo US 1990 REPO 3 NM / NM 20 ""Live Carolina In My Ass"" EP", grey vinyl + insert. Liner notes by Jeff Clayton,,,,

7inch George Brigman and Split Mistress of Desire / Iran in Japan / Grunts Pull Your Pants Down / Cambodian Bossa Nova Bona Fide US 1985 BF-7003 EX / EX 15 AKA Silent Bones EP-obscure 80s garage punk out of PA--small sticker mark on ps,,,,,

7inch Germs Communist Eyes Forming / What We Do Is Secret Gasatanka US 1980 ROCK6094 EX / EX 20 official release 1992 on blue vinyl retro gasatanka label,,,,,

7inch Germs Forming The Germs Live Alive US 1999 ALIVE0036 NM / NM 10 red vinyl official repress of 1977 debut single on what records,,,,,

CASS Golden Palominos Clean Plate / Hot Seat / Under the Cap / Monday Night Cookout / I.D. / Two Sided Fist Celluloid US 1983 CELC 5002 EX / EX 5 avant garde classic with Arto Lindsay, Fred Firth, and Anton Feir,,,

7inch Gorillas She's My Gal Why Wait Til Tomorrow Chiswick UK 1976 S 4 EX / EX 10 Great and very early UK pub rock / punk rock crossover group--nice sideburns bro,,,,,

CASS Government Issue Teenager In A Box / Religious Ripoff / No Rights / Asshole / Plain To See + 3 Here's The Rope / Insomniac / Bored to Death / Twisted Views + 3 Dutch East India US 1990 DEI 2010-4 EX / EX 5 AKA No Way Out 82--excellent live set--small cut out hole on cassette case,,,,,

CASS Government Issue Hall of Fame / Hour of 1 / GI / Puppet On A String / Sheer Terror Happy People / Lost in Limbo / Plain to See / Partyline / Here's the Rope / + 1 Fountain of Youth US 1987 FOY002C EX / EX 5 ""Boycott Stabb"" official cassette release\ small drill hole on side", very clean,,,,

12inch Half Japanese Greatest Hits triple album 67 songs hand numbered 837 / 2000 copies Safe House US 1995 SH 2118 EXEXEXEX 45 some corner wear on gatefold--all 3 blue vinyl discs are clean--monumental,,,,,,,

7inch Harry Toledo and the Rockets Busted Chevrolet / Yo Ho Who Is That Saving Me? / John Glenn Spy US 1977 SPY 001 VG+ / VG+ 10 Very early and hard to find NY punk scene relic--produced by John Cale,,,,,,,

7inch Heartbreakers Chinese Rocks Born To Lose Track UK 1977 2094 135 - / EX 15 No sleeve small hole UK press,,,,,,,

7inch Hellion Driving Hard Black Knight Mystic US 1983 M-45126 EX / EX 20 Rare EP by this Metal band somehow released on Doug Moody's Mystic records,,,,,,,

7inch Holly and the Italians Tell That Girl to Shut Up Chapel of Love Oval UK 1980 1016 EX / EX 10 Great powerpop single--picture sleeve shows minor ring wear and a sticker mark,,,,,,,

7inch Hon. Nick Jones and Ian Macrae The Ballad Of Lady Di 3 Minutes Of Silence Stiff “Aussie” UK 1981 06/01/06 EX / EX 10 Novelty record on Stiff ""Lady Di Di Di says stick it in your eye!""",,,,,,,

7inch Humans I Live In The City Wild Thing IRS / City US 1980 IR 9009 EX / EX 10 punky new wave--standard 2 song version of their 'hit' very clean copy,,,,,,,

7inch Humans I Live In The City / Play Tracy / Pipeline IRS US 1980 IR 7700 EX / EX 15 Gatefold EP with fold out poster," very clean shape ""I Live..."" is a hit",,,,,,

12inch Iggy Pop Real Wild Child, Baby It Cant Fall, Shades, Fire Girl, Isolation Cry For Love, Blah Blah Blah, Hideaway, Winners and Losers A%26M US 1986 SP 5145 EX / NM 25 includes 4 page typed (not xeroxed) orig. press release on a%26m canada stationary

7inch Iggy Pop and James Williamson Kill City I Got Nothin' Radar UK 1978 ADA 4 EX / EX 10 small hole british press--two tracks from kill city session--clean vinyl,,,,,,,

7inch Iggy Pop and James Williamson I Got A Right Gimme Some Skin Siamese FR 1977 PM 001 - / EX 15 early press never issued with pic sleeve siamese records 001 'A' side is mono,,,,,,,

7inch Images Mask / Damage Done Dreams Are Real / See You Again DSI US 1988 DSI 12 NM / NM 10 Great MD hardcore, with insert,,,,,,

CASS Jam In The City / Art School / I've Changed My Address / Modern World same as A-Side Strange Fruit UK 1990 DE18350 EX / EX 5 The Peel Sessions\ really just their 1st session recorded April 26,1977,,,,,,

7inch Japan European Son Alien Hansa UK 1981 HANSA 10 VG+ / EX 5 nice indie press clean vinyl nice back of ps with pics of all band members ,,,,,,,

7inch Japan Record 1: Cantonese Boy / Burning Bridges Record 2: Gentlemen Take Polaroids / The Experience of Swimming Virgin UK 1980 VS 502 EX/EX/EX 10 double 7 inch gatefold sleeve vinyl very clean small pen mark on back of ps,,,,,,,

7inch Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus One More Day Venutian Rock Bona Fide US 1988 BF-7005 EX / NM 15 yellow vinyl press obscure garage punk similar to new york dolls,,,,,,,

7inch Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart These Days Vimusica PRTG 1980 VFACT110-3 EX / EX 30 rare portugese pressing licensed from Factory (note the V-FACT cat #),,

7inch Judas Bullethead Oh Baby The King Is Dead Jettison US 1987 JET 009 EX / EX 10 Rare AntiSeen-related single with Jeff Clayton. Super clean copy.,,

12inch King Face Crawl Into Tomorrow / I Don't Want to be Anything / Lull-a-Bye Anyone / Lick the Moon / Like a King Kingface CAN 1987 KF-1 VG+ / EX 30 Rare Dischord band Lp prod. by Ian MacKaye includes both original inserts,,

7inch Klan Cover Girls Pushin' Too Hard Posh Boy US 1980 PBS 5 NM / NM 15 Red wax," ""the band was given a $100 budget and delivered the goods.""",

7inch Knack My Sharona Let Me out Capitol US 1979 4731 EX / EX 10 Sharona looks damn fine on the ps - minor ringwear and 1mm rip on sleeve,,

7inch LMNOP Forever Through The Sun Three Colon Oh Oh Baby Sue US 1985 BS 222 EX / EX 20 rare and excellent debut single by the insane guy behind Baby Sue magazine,,

7inch Les Raving Sounds Earth Boy Dreams of Angels / Angela Empty Bottles (Close the Door) / Treat Her Right Terminal US 1981 TER-4 - / NM 30 Rare Pagans related EP no ps see http://www.geocities.com/pagan_pages/index.html,,

7inch Lil Bunnies Carrot Belly Bunny Rock / Bunny Hop / Lepus Interuptus Carrot Juice Stomp / Hop Fight and Fuck / Bunnies Moo La La US 1995 MLLR5 NM / NM 10 1st EP - Handmade sleeve w/ 'bunny blood' (red nail polish i think) - pink vinyl,,

CASS Live Skull Machette / Cavity / Dusted Pt. 2 / Kream / X w/ the light Slugfest / Debbie's Headache / Back in the Earth / 5-D / Fat of the Land / + 1 Homestead US 1987 HMS090-4 EX / EX 5 cassette copy of the Dusted Lp NY no wave with Thalia Zedek,,

7inch Llygod Ffyrnig NCB / SAIS Cariad Y Bus + 1 Incognito GER 1997 INC103 NM / NM 15 Welsh Punk recorded in 1979 for a radio show (and no it's not a spelling error),,

7inch Lurkers Out in the Dark / Cyanide Soozie is a Floozie / Cyanide (Pub Version) Beggars Banquet UK 1979 BEG 19 EX / EX 10 Overall very nice, sleeve shows minor ringwear and a small sticker mark on back,

CASS Lyres Here's a Heart / On Fyre / Everyman For Himself + 9 She Pays the Rent / She's Got the Eyes that Tell Lies + 7 Ace of Hearts US 1988 AHS 225 NM / NM 8 Double cassette album includes ""A Promise Is A Promise"" + ""Live in Europe""",,

7inch Lyres We Sell Soul Busy Body Taang US 1989 TAANG62 VG+ / EX 4 some sleeve wear--blue sleeve and black vinyl press version--good tracks,,

CASS M.O.D. Goldfish From Hell, Totally Narley..., Surfin' USA ++ Same as A without inbetween track chatter Caroline / Megaforce US 1988 CAROL-MC 1359 EX / EX 5 Billy Milano and crew go surf--everyone knows homophobes like surfing

7inch Magazine About the Weather In The Dark Virgin UK 1981 VS 412 VG+ / VG+ 3 ringwear and sticker mark on sleeve small scuff on vinyl doesnt effect play,,

7inch Man-Ka-Zam Spankathon / Happy World Surf Rhapsody / In Love With Machinery Britz US 1978 BLITZ 2 VG / EX 20 sleeve intact but split, ex- Alan Milman Sect legendary NY Britz label,

CASS Manitoba's Wild Kingdom Party Starts Now / Haircut and Attitude / New York New York / DWI / Want You... Fired Up / The Perfect High / Had It Coming / Prototype / Speedball MCA US 1990 MCA6367 SS 10 still sealed - 'spin-off' Dictators record w/ HDM, Ross the Boss %26 Andy Shernoff,,,,,,,

7inch Manual Scan All Night Stand / It's Alright With Me I Can Only Give You Everything / Come See Me Get Hip US 1989 GH 116 EX / EX 10 Small sticker mark on sleeve, blue vinyl pressing white promotional label,,,,,,,

7inch Max Wall England's Glory Dream Tobacco Stiff UK 1977 BUY 12 EX / EX 10 Novelty record / B-side is a great ode to smoking opium,,,,,,,,

7inch Members Working Girl (Holiday in [Tribute to Jimi (Pretentious...Moi?)]) Tanga-Nika Albion UK 1981 ION 1012 EX / EX 10 A side is a winner, the flip must be the stupidest song title ever put to wax,,,,,,,

7inch Meteors It's You," Only You Nightlife PVC US 1979 PVC1000 EX / NM 10 From ""Teenage Heart"" Lp", very clean single,,,,,,

7inch Midge Ure No Regrets Mood Music Chrysalis UK 1982 CHS 2618 EX / EX 5 solo single from ex-ultravox and rich kids singer small hole uk press nice ps,,,,,,,,

7inch Mike Spenser and the Cannibals Good Guys Nothing Takes the Place of You Big Cock FR 1977 F-UK 1 - / NM 10 In regular phonogram france sleeve--count bishops singer a-side standells cover,,,,,,,,

12inch Misfits Cough/Cool / Return of the Fly / Children in Heat / Rat Fink + 6 Hate Breeders / Braineaters / Nike-A-Go-Go / Mephisto Waltz + 6 Caroline US 1995 CAROL 7515 NM / NM 50 AKA Collection 2--red vinyl press--all their rare tracks on one Lp w/ lyrics,,,,,,,,

7inch Mission of Burma Academy Fight Song Max Ernst Ace of Hearts US 1980 AHS 104 EX / EX 30 innovative post punk super clean vinyl tiny amount of writing on back of sleeve,,,,,,,,

7inch Mission of Burma Trem Two Okay/No Way Ace of Hearts US 1982 AHS 106 EX / EX 30 very clean original copy -- boston post punk heroes -- small sticker on slv,,,,,,,,

7inch Mutants / Impatient Youth Love Song / Insect Lounge (Impatient) Youth / I Don't Care Shredder US 19?? SHRED 1 VG+ / EX 15 White vinyl, most significant flaw is minor fraying on top of oversized sleeve,,,,,,,

7inch Mystery Dates Protect the Innocent / Hit and Run / Feelings Mutual Man In The Middle / Still No Fun EV US 1996 EV 13 NM / NM 15 Limited press of 500, prev. unreleased San Antonio punk recorded '82 - '83,,,,,,,

7inch Naked Raygun I Lie / Bombshelter / Tojo Swingo / Mofo / Potential Rapist No Label US 1998 No # NM / NM 10 blank label fan repress of the 'Basement Screams' EP,,,,,,,,

7inch Necessaries You Can Borrow My Car Runaway Child IRS / Spy US 1979 IR 09003 EX / NM 30 Ernie Brooks post-Mod. Lovers,,,,,,,,

12inch Nervus Rex There She Goes, Go Go Girl, Spies, Real Life, Start From The Start The God Shiela, Dont Look, The Incredible Crawling Eye, Nobody Told Me, Venus Dreamland US 1980 DL-1-5002 EX / NM 15 great cover art lets you know its new wave - says also available on 8track yay

7inch New Christs Born Out Of Time No Next Time Citadel AUS 1984 CIT 017 EX / EX 15 Great 45 by Rob Younger's post-Radio Birdman group--their signature single,,,,,,,,

7inch New Hearts Just Another Teenage Anthem Blood On The Knife CBS UK 1977 CBS5800 EX / NM 30 Minor ringwear on sleeve--great powerpop / early punk single,,,,,

7inch New York Dolls Looking For A Kiss / Subway Train Bad Girl / Chatterbox White Label US 1990 No # EX / EX 20 Bootleg on red vinyl-- recorded in 1976 AKA ""Rehearsals and Live""",,,,,

CASS No Redeeming Social Value Chains of Hate / Olde E / Planet of the Dead / Bone Smugglin Man Any Questions / Dependency / Dissed Hard / See Ya In Acapulco self released US 1992 No # EX / EX 10 Original copy hand made demo by the band pre-Lp with inserts sold on first tour,,,,,

12inch November Group Put Your Back To It, I Live Along Night Architecture, Heart of a Champion Brain Eater US 1983 BRAIN-1 EX / EX 10 obscure new wave, would be NM if not for clean punch hole on jacket,,

7inch Nuns In The Shadows Invisible People Posh Boy US 1990 PBS 23 EX / EX 15 1989 Nuns recordings w/ soft core photo of Jennifer Miro on back of ps, blue wax,,,,

7inch Nuns Wild Suicide Child Butt UK 1981 FUN 2 EX / EX 25 UK press of SF band with Jennifer Miro small hole 45,,,,,

7inch Offs Everyone's A Bigot Zero Degrees 415 US 1978 415 ? EX / EX 20 Small price sticker on back of sleeve,,,,,

CASS Only Ones Trouble In The World / Programme / The Beast / + 5 As My Wife Says / Miles From Nowhere / The Big Sleep + 3 Mau Mau UK 1989 MAUMC603 EX / EX 5 The Only Ones Live cassette version of live album with fold out j-card,,,,,

12inch Only Ones Another Girl Another Planet / Lovers of Today + 4 Out There in the Night / Someone Who Cars + 4 Epic US 1979 BL 36199 EX / NM 40 white label promo copy of their rare best of album promo stamp on back of sleeve,,,,,

7inch Pagans Dead End America '97 Secret Agent Man Treehouse US 1987 TR 003 EX / EX 15 Minor sleeve ""rumpling"" not sure from what--vinyl is very clean--overall nice",,,,,

7inch Pagans Don't Leave Me Alone Real World (live) Bona Fide US 1979 BF-7004 EX / EX 25 Released 1987,,,,,

12inch Pagans Real World, Dead End America, Jaguar Ride, Final Solution + 4 Eyes of Satan, Dream Lover, Street Where Nobody Lives + 5 Thermionic US ? No cat # EX / EX 30 AKA Pirates Cove 9-24-79 legit release generic white cover with sticker on front

7inch Paper Dolls I Shouldn't Do This To Me I Thought You Knew Tekno Tunes US 1980 LES-036 EX / EX 30 Obscure U.S. Powerpop B-side has a real Shoes feel to it,,,,,

7inch Payolas China Boys / Rose TNT / Juke Box IRS US 1980 IR 7701 EX / EX 10 Gatefold EP of early punk tracks by this Canadian group feauting Bob Rock,,,,,

CASS Payolas I'll Find Another / Where is this Love / Wild West + 2 No Prisoners / Xmas is Coming / I am a City + 2 A%26M US 1983 CS-6-4958 EX / EX 5 third album by this canadian new wave group with punk roots feat. Bob Rock,,,,,

7inch Penetration Come Into The Open Lifeline Virgin UK 1979 VS 268 EX / EX 10 From thier second album 'Coming Up For Air' very clean copy,,,,,

CASS Pere Ubu Wasted / Come Home / Louisiana Train Wreck +2 Kathleen / Honey Moon / Sleep Walk Story of My Life + 1 Imago US 1993 72787-21024 NM / NM 5 very clean shell and fold out j-card--chrome cassette,

7inch Physicals Breakdown Onstage / No Life In The City You Do Me In / All Sexed Up Physical UK 1978 PR 001 VG+ / EX 20 Early UK rock-punk with Alan Lee Shaw. ps shows some ringwear %26 tatter on top,

7inch Plasmatics Butcher Baby Tight Black Pants Stiff UK 1980 BUY 76 EX / EX 15 On ""bloodspattered vinyl."" UK press small hole killer sleeve graphics",

7inch Plummet Airline It's Hard My Time In a While State UK 1977 STAT66 EX / EX 10 Early powerpop single with Darryl Hunt, later of the Pogues

7inch Poly Styrene Talk in Toytown Sub Tropical UA UK 1980 BP 370 EX / EX 5 ex XRaySpex singer--debut single from her solo album--not very punk--clean copy,

7inch Pork Dukes Bend and Flush Throbbing Gristle Wood UK 1977 WOOD 9 EX / EX 20 Another great single by these naughy punksters--x-rated cover drawing ,

7inch Pork Dukes Telephone Masturbator Melody Makers Wood UK 1977 WOOD56 EX / EX 25 Naughty UK punk by top secret roster that includes Revillos drummer,

7inch Prag Vec Bits / Wolf Existential / Cigarettes Spec UK 1978 SP-001 VG+ / EX 25 Minor ringwear--cool darkwave / post-punk. Sounds like xray spex on LSD,

7inch Professionals Just Another Dream Action Man Virgin UK 1980 VS 353 EX / EX 10 Paul Cook %26 Steve Jones post-Pistols band both songs written by Cook n Jones,

7inch Protex I Can Only Dream Heartache Polydor UK 1979 2059 167 EX / EX 30 Very clean copy--fantastic powerpop rocker by this Irish act,

7inch Psychotic Pineapple I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You Ahead of My Time Richmond US 1979 RICH 1 EX / NM 30 Super clean original press california wacked punk with catchy keyboards,

7inch Pulsallama The Devil Lives In My Husbands Body Ungawa Pt. II (Way Out Guiana) Y Records US 1982 Y USA 2 EX / EX 10 Classic side about the lighter side of living with Tourettes--,

7inch Puppies Mechanical Beat Atmosphere Stiff US 1981 TEES 7-03 EX / EX 10 San Diego Punky New Wave group on the American Stiff label,

7inch Radio Actors Nuclear Waste Digital Love Charly UK 1979 CYS 1058 EX / EX 10 Obscure british punk--seven person band includes Sting on lead vocals--not bad,

7inch Radio Stars No Russians In Russia + 1 Johnny Mekon + 1 Chiswick UK 1977 SW17 VG+ / EX 10 Some ring wear on sleeve AKA ""Stop It!"" EP",

7inch Radio Stars Dirty Pictures Sail Away Chiswick UK 1977 S9 EX / EX 10 Sticker mark on sleeve--fantastic naughty cover art,

7inch Radio Stars From A Rabbit The Beast No. 2 Chiswick UK 1978 NS-36 - / EX 6 small hole uk press no picture sleeve,,,,,,

7inch Rave Possession / I'm Not Your Whore Typical Man / It's Not Very Hard to Do Modern Art US 1981 MAR 8101 NM / NM 30 obscure NY punk EP featuring the awesome 'I'm Not Your Whore"" as heard on H2D",,,,,,

7inch Rawhead Rawhead I Wanna Fuck Myself TPOS US 1991 TPOS 062 EX / EX 10 AKA The Free GG Record--benefit to get Kevin out of jail--includes insert,,,,,,

7inch Records Starry Eyes Paint Her Face Virgin UK 1979 VA 67000 - / EX 5 powerpop classic white label single no picture sleeve,,,,,,

CASS Red Die Number 9 Life Is Good, Mind's Eye, Breakdown, Punch the Clock N O R O, Be That Way, Why, Bach Meets Batman self released US 1988 No cat # EX / EX 6 Pre vinyl demo by MD band similar sound to Gov Issue orig. photo jcard %26 label

7inch Reesa Groove City Dance New-Radic Reesa US 1988 WRA3-618 EX / NM 10 Ex-Reesa and the Rooters singer--more of a Dance feel to this one. insert.,,,,,,

7inch Rest Carnival Small Town Rockers Shooting Star UK 1979 SSR EX / EX 10 obscure UK powerpop sleeve shows minor ringwear vinyl still shiny,,,,,,

7inch Rezillos Top of the Pops / It Gets Me Good Sculptures / No! Fanclub US 1990 R420 NM / NM 15 ""Radio Session"" EP", gold vinyl, non-Lp versions,,,,

7inch Rich Kids Rich Kids Empty Words EMI UK 1978 EMI 2738 EX / EX 10 First single by Glen Matlock's post-Pistols band. Red vinyl. ,,,,,,

7inch Richard Hell The Night is Coming On Baby Huey (Do You Want to Dance?) / Frank Sinatra Overground UK 1992 OVER 24 NM / NM 10 AKA 3 New Songs EP--Limited vinyl press of 3000--songs recorded in 1991,,,,,,

7inch Rikki and the Last Days of Earth City of the Damned Victimized DJM UK 1977 DJS 10814 NM / NM 20 First of several 7""s by this keyboard-fueled group that never escaped obscurity",,,,,,

12inch Riptides Disc 1: Holiday Time / Some Other Guy / Tomorrow's Tears + 7 Disc 2: The Day Has Gone / Money For Life / Only Time + 6 Mercury AUS 1987 832 989-1 EX/EX/EX 40 AKA 'Resurface' live double album -- features all 3 songs from 1st EP w/ lyrics,,,,,,

7inch Roogalator Love and the Single Girl I Feel Good (I Got You) Virgin UK 1977 VS 185 EX / EX 10 Early UK pub rock rhythm and blues proto punk group with Danny Adler,,,,,,

7inch Rudi 14 Steps to Death / Crimson Radio On / The Prince of Pleasure Last Year's Youth UK 2001 LAST 5 NM / NM 15 Thick vinyl official press of 4 previously unreleased songs recorded in 1981,,,,,,

7inch Ruts DC Different View Formula Eyes Virgin UK 1981 VS 396 EX / EX 10 First single by post-Malcolm Owen Ruts incarnation small sticker on ps front,,,,,,

7inch SVT New Year Wanna See You Cry SVT US 1979 SVT1 EX / EX 15 featuring Jack Casady of the Jefferson Airplane (!) red vinyl self released ep,,,,,,

7inch SVT Heart of Stone The Last Word 415 US 1979 S0005 VG+ / EX 15 SF Powerpop New Wave clean vinyl sleeve shows minor ringwear and sticker mark,

7inch Salem 66 Across the Sea Pony Song Homestead US 1984 HMS 006 EX / NM 8 very clean copy, writing (name) on back of ps otherwise great shape

7inch Satans Rats In My Love For You Facade Overground UK 198? OVER 02 EX / EX 10 Yellow vinyl Overground reissue #d edition 444/1000 small sticker mark on label,

7inch Satans Rats Yeah of the Rats Louise Overground UK 198? OVER 01 EX / EX 10 Overground reissue on white vinyl #d edition 746/1000 ,

12inch Scratch Acid Canibal / Greatest Gift / Monsters / Owner's Lament She Said / Mess / El Espectro / Lay Screaming Rabid Cat US 1984 RAB-SA 04 VG / EX 30 cover would be EX if not for some small 1mm tears on top of sleeve w/ insert,

12inch Screams Imagine Me Without You Paper Dolls Infinity US 1979 L33-1008 NM / NM 20 obscure powerpop, super clean white vinyl promo press in custom infinity jacket

7inch Scruffs Break The Ice She Say Yeah Power Play US 1977 PP1955 EX / EX 40 Original Powerpop classic,

7inch Sham 69 Tell The Children Jack Polydor UK 1980 POSP 136 - / EX 5 no pic sleeve small hole black vinyl uk press very clean looking vinyl unplayed,

7inch Shoes Tomorrow Night Cruel You Elektra JAP 1979 P 535E EX / EX 20 rare Japanese press on catepillar Elektra label. great japanese lang. sleeve,

7inch Sick Pleasure 3 Seconds of Pleasure / Sick Pleasure / Herpes Virus 2 Dolls Under Control / Speed Rules / I Wanna Burn My Parents / Love Song No Label US 2000 No # NM / NM 20 Repro / boot AKA ""Destroy the Human Race"" EP",

CASS Siouxsie and the Banshees Peek-A-Boo False Face Geffen US 1988 4-27760 VG+ / EX 3 rare cassette single in cardboard sleeve aka a 'cassingle',

CASS Siouxsie and the Banshees Love In A Void / Mirage / Metal Postcard / Suburban Relapse Hong Kong Garden / Overground / Carcass / Helter Skelter Strange Fruit UK 1989 DE18406-4 EX / EX 5 Peel Sessions cassette EP contains first two sessions from 11-29-77 and 2-6-78,

7inch Slickee Boys Shake / Commercial / Darker Side of Me Reverse Psychiatry / Sea of Your Love DSI US 1986 DSI 8 NM / NM 10 AKA '10th Anniversary EP' -- sexy grey and white swirled vinyl with insert,

7inch Slickee Boys Long Way to Go Control DeCeased US 1981 5 EX / NM 10 Sublabel of Dacoit Records -- vinyl press limited to 500 copies -- very clean,

7inch Some Chicken New Religion Blood On The Wall Raw UK 1977 RAW7 EX / EX 25 orig press--weird bubble effect on bside label factory defect does effect wax,

7inch Sparks With All My Might Sparks In The Dark Arista US 1984 7-89645 EX / EX 10 unplayed stock copy, some very minor sleeve bending vinyl looks clean nice ps

7inch Spectres This Strange Effect Getting Away With Murder Direct Hit UK 1980 DH1 EX / M 15 Harder to find of two singles by G.Matlock post-Rich Kids powerpopish group,,,,,,,

7inch Spectres Stories Things Demon UK 1980 D1002 EX / EX 10 Glen Matlock post Rich Kids group--obscure UK powerpop,,,,,,,

7inch Spent Idols Throw It Away Creeps Pogo Stick US 1994 PS 003 EX / EX 5 one of many 7"" singles socal band this time on a new jersey label",,,,,,,

7inch Spizzenergi Soldier Soldier Virginia Plain Routh Trade UK 1979 RTSO-3 VG+ / EX 10 sleeve shows a tiny bit of rumpling on top-small sticker mark and minor ringwear,,,,,,,

7inch Splodgenessabounds Simon Templar Michael Booths Talking Bum / Two Pints of Lager (and a Packet of Crisps PLEASE) Deram UK 1980 BUM 1 VG+ / EX 10 Goofy britpunk similar to The Toy Dolls featuring 'Max Splodge' ,,,,,,,

7inch Static Routines Rock 'N' Roll Clones Sheet Music Good Vibrations IRE 1979 GOT 3 EX / EX 25 rare / great Irish poppunk-some top wear on original oversized foldout PS,,,,,,,

7inch Stinky Toys Boozy Creed Driver Blues Polydor UK 1977 2056 630 - / EX 15 One of the first French punk bands--debut single--no picture sleeve but clean,,,,,,,

12inch Stooges Johanna, She Creatures of Hollywood Hills, Open Up and Bleed Born In A Trailer, Till The End of the Night Revenge FR 1991 MIG 42 EX / EX 35 Till The End Of The Night LP on green wax taken from 'detroit rehearsal tapes',,,,

12inch Stooges My Girl Hates My Heroin, Cock In My Pocket, Head On, Death Trip Hey Baby, Search and Destroy, Raw Power, Gimme Danger, Open Up and Bleed Revenge FR 1989 MIG 28 EX / EX 35 My Girl Hates My Heroin LP great lizard cover art -- small seam split on side

12inch Stooges 1969, I Wanna Be Your Dog, We Will Fall No Fun, Real Cool Time, Ann, Not Right," Little Doll Elektra US 1969 EKS-74051 VG+ / EX 60 orginal press big ""E"" elektra label cover has cut out hole vinyl very clean",

7inch Stranglers Golden Brown Love 30 Liberty UK 1982 BP 407 EX / EX 10 only flaw is barely noticeable ring wear on sleeve otherwise super clean orignal,,,,,,,

7inch Stranglers Walk On By Old Codger / Tank UA UK 1976 K7222 - / NM 6 early 3 song ep no picture sleeve small hole clean vinyl,,,,,,,

7inch Stranglers Something Better Change / Straighten Out (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) / Hanging Around A%26M UK 1977 AM-1973 VG+ / EX 15 first EP on pink vinyl--sleeve shows a small amount of ringwear but pretty clean,,,,,,,

7inch Subs Gimme Your Heart Party Clothes Stiff UK 1978 COU-B/OFF1 VG+ / EX 20 yellow vinyl 'belgian' pressing minor ringwear on sleeve great powerpop punk,,,,,,,

12inch Suburban Mutilation The Opera Ain't Over Til the Fat Lady Sings Lp 17 song album Reamed Pork US 1984 OINK 1 NM / NM 75 rare album w/ Rev.N0rb later of Boris the Sprinkle super clean copy from WI,,,,,,,

7inch Suburban Studs No Faith Questions Pogo UK 1977 POG 001 - / NM 10 early UK punk no pic sleeve label on front is rubber stamped 'made in england',,,,,,,

7inch Suicide Commandos Mark He's A Terror Match/Mismatch P.S. US 1977 30787 NM / NM 20 2nd 7” very clean copy. B-side is different version than album, A-side is nonLp

7inch Table Sex Cells The Road of Lyfe Chiswick UK 1978 NS 31 VG+ / EX 15 Second single by studio only band rare picture sleeve shows some wear,

7inch Tanz Der Youth Im Sorry Im Sorry Delay Radarscope UK 1978 ADA 19 VG+ / EX 10 Featuring Brian James,

7inch Tar Babies / Distorted Levels Rejected Hey Mister / Red Swirls Bona Fide US 1989 BF-7006 EX / EX 15 split ep--2 greg prevost bands--distorted levels orig. rel. 1978 nowhere records,

12inch Teenage Head Drivin' Wild / Let's Go To Hawaii / Sheila Scarf + 2 Shag Shack / Sick Little Man / Some Kinda Fun + 3 Attic CAN 1982 LAT 1124 EX / EX 20 AKA Some Kinda Fun Lp third full length--small sticker mark on cover-clean vinyl,

7inch Telephone Un Autre Monde Le Garcon D'Ascenseur Virgin FR 1984 90148 EX / EX 10 large hole french pressing not very punky like their earlier stuff,

7inch The Twenty-Seven Don't Go To Extremes Catastrophe / Lifeblood Tremor US 1979 TR006 VG+ / VG+ 20 Rare keyboard punk on Cinecyde label. Includes insert. Overall very nice shape.,

7inch Theoretical Girls U.S. Millie You Got Me Theoretical US 1978 THE-01 EX / EX 40 Branca self-released no wave--dissolved glue on hand made sleeve,

7inch Toyah Helium Song (Spaced Walking) Ieya Safari UK 1980 SAFE P28 - / EX 5 picture disc, from 'The Blue Meaning' Lp

7inch Trained Attack Dogs Big Black Ass Cowboy / Friend Larry Flamehead / Wish I Owned a Gun Rave US 1987 RAVE 002 NM / NM 10 2nd press Philly Punk with label insert -- 'Rave Records - Fuck That Weak Shit',

7inch Trash Priorities Lies Polydor UK 1977 2058 939 EX / EX 40 very clean first wave uk classic punk powerpop single prety great,

7inch Trash Vegas Rated X Legal High Blues Get Hip US 1990 GH-135 NM / NM 5 glam / blues / punk kind of like ny dolls -- includes insert and sticker,

7inch U.K. Suibs Tomorrow's Girls Scum of the Earth / Telephone Numbers RCA US 1979 PB-11766 - / NM 10 rare large hole american pressing no picture sleeve--a 3 song ep on rca weird!,

7inch Ugly Americans Philadelphia Freedom Backlash / Sleepless Nightmare Death US 1986 72145-7 EX / EX 20 Their best EP, with Simon Bob Sinister

7inch Ultravox Monument Hymn Chrysalis UK 1982 CHSP 2657 NM 10 Picture disc - didn't come with a ps,

7inch Ultravox We Came To Dance Overlook Chrysalis UK 1983 VOX-1 NM / NM 5 clear vinyl with small sticker on front (says clear vinyl) nice ps graphics,

7inch Undertones The Love Parade Like That Ardeck UK 1982 ARDS 11 EX / EX 10 very clean copy -- released on the band's own label,,,,,,,,,,,

7inch Up-Tight Trash / Nazi Skin / Family Reunion / Cop Out Food / Toy Guns / College Crowd / Lets Play the USA / Let The Sun Shine In ZAK-A-TAK US 1990 Z 1 NM / NM 10 Band from South Carolina -- unplayed vinyl -- above par obscure US Hardcore EP,,,,,,,,,,,

CD VA - Bloodstains Across Finland Briard (2 songs), Pelle Miljoona and NUS (2 songs), Eppu Normali, Problems?, Karanteeni (2), Hellhound (2), Ypo-Viis (2), Ratsia (2) + 10 Bloodstains ? ? BSFI 105 EX / EX 10 rare CD pressing in cardboard gatefold card and dual color screened disc,,,,

CD VA - Bloodstains Across Norway 24 tracks including songs by De Press,1984, Z Off, Rough Trade, Akutt Innleggelse, Feber, Kaare Og Partiet, Overdoes, Anfall, etc. Bloodstains ? ? BSN1 104 EX / EX 10 rare CD pressing in cardboard gatefold card and dual color screened disc,,

12inch VA - Jubilee Soundtrack Adam and the Ants / Wayne County-Electric Chairs / Chelsea + 2 Suzi Pinns (2 songs) / Amilcar / Brian Eno (2 songs) Polydor UK 1977 2302 079 EX / NM 20 soundtrack to the movie--notable as the first studio tracks by adam and the ants,,,,,,,,,,,

7inch VA - Killed by 7 Inch #9 Roses Are Red 'Cant Understand' / The Mel 'Modest Living' White Boy 'I Could Puke' / The Martyrs 'Social Sacrifice' No Label Unsure 199? No # NM / NM 10 no label fan press - 1st band from UK others from US - very thick vinyl import,,,,,,,,,,,

CASS VA - SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #5 Universal Congress Of / Sister Double Happiness / Divine Horsemen / more Screaming Trees / Sonic Youth / HR / Tar Babies / more SST US 1988 No # EX / EX 5 promo only, chrome double length cassette-also includes Black Flag, Husker Du +,,,,,,,,,

7inch VA - Still Hate Your Neighbors The Gordons 'Adults and Children' / No Tag 'No Tag' Flesh D-Vice 'Baby of my Mind' / Bored Games 'I Dont Get It' Mussy Puncher NZ ? MP 1 NM / NM 10 Four more rare Kiwi tracks--kind of an addendum to Hate Your Neighbors Lp,,,,,,,,,,,

12inch Various Artists - Detroit On A Platter Mutants, Zooks, Reruns, Ivories, Destroy All Monsters Torpedos, Cinecyde, Master Cylinder, Coldcock, Sillies + 1 AutoMotive US 1981 AUTO1000 NM / NM 25 classic Detroit comp with many 'important' bands from that scene -- very clean,,,

CASS Various Artists - Double Album Maggie Maggie Maggie Out Out Out (16 tracks incl. UK Subs, Vice Squad, + tons) UK/DK Soundtrack (Exploited, Damned, Chaos UK, Adicts, + tons) Anagram UK 1987 CGRAM28 NM / NM 12 Rare double album chrome cassette legit issue of two classic UK punk comps,,,,,

7inch Various Artists - Sent From Coventry Wild Boys, The Clique, The End, The Mix, Machine, Urge Protege, Solid Action, Wild Boys, Squad, Homicide, Riot Act, V. Babies Data UK 2000 DATA 014 EX / NM 15 Coventry comp originally released in 1980 official reissue twenty years later

7inch Venus and the Razorblades I Want to be Where The Boys Are Dog Food Spark UK 1977 SRL 1153 VG+ / EX 10 Some discoloration / ringwear on back of sleeve--vinyl very clean--small hole 45,,,,,,,,,,,

12inch Vile Cherubs Post-Humorous Relief Lp 9 song posthumous release Dischord / Cherubicdelusions US 1988 DISCHORD 33.3 EX / EX 30 hand screen on blue vinyl obscure Dischord split release,,,,,,,,,,,

7inch Violent Society / Negative Reaction / Sludge Noise Junky, Hot Clam Chowder, Stick O Gum, Mercy Killing In Crowd, Culture Magnet, Why Do You Deny? Rot en Roll US 1995 40304 M EX / EX 5 B-side is AKA youth culture EP by violent society--includes insert,,,,,,

7inch Vom Im In Love With Your Mom / Electrocute Your Cock Too Animalistic / Punkmobile / God Save The Whales Krptonite US 1998 KR 005 NM / NM 10 Legit reissue with liner notes about how it happened by Greg Turner,,,,,,,,,,,

12inch Wall Personal Troubles and Public Issues Lp 13 song album--great first LP Fresh UK 1980 FRESH 2 VG+ / EX 30 Minor edge wear on sleeve, vinyl clean, made in uk sticker, excellent release,,,,,,,,

7inch Wanktones Hiccupped to Hell / Vuelve Prima Vera That's What I Call A Ball / Big Brown Eyes / Shornin Bread Fountain of Youth US 1984 FOY 6 NM / NM 10 Gorgeous swirled pink vinyl--Slickee Boys in disguise,,,,,

7inch Warm Gun Chinese Gangster +1 Broken Windows +1 Isadora FR 1977 ISE110 EX- / EX 25 Some writing on sleeve otherwise clean (someone traced the name of the band),,,,,

7inch Wazmo Nariz Checking Out the Checkout Girl Who Does It Hurt? IRS US 1979 IR 9006 NM / NM 10 From Chicago despite the goofy foreign sounding name, A-side is a new wave hit,,,,

7inch Weirdos Destroy All Music A Life of Crime / Why Do You Exist? Bomp US 1977 BOMP 112 EX / EX 10 Unsure of pressing, purchased direct from Bomp in the mid 90s says 1977 on label,,,,

12inch White Flag Cross Dogs, Psycho Cop, Celebrate, Youve Got A Problem + 6 Watcher of the Skies, Wake Up Screaming, Festive Shapes + 5 Gasatanka US 1985 SM 025 EX / EX 40 AKA (WFO) LP--hilarious Germs parody cover pics-very clean vinyl includes insert

CASS Wire Practice Makes Perfect / I Am The Fly / Culture Vultures / 106 Beats That same as A-Side Strange Fruit UK 1989 SFPSMC041 EX / EX 5 The Peel Sessions\ really only their first Peel session rec. Jan 31st 1978,,,,,

12inch Wreckless Eric Disc 1: A Pop Song / Tonight / Too Busy / Broken Doll + 8 Disc 2: Whole Wide World / Take the Cash + 11 Epic / Stiff US 1980 E2 36463 EX/EX/EX 30 double Lp gatefold white label promo vinyl and promo stamp very clean copy,,,,,

7inch X And More Getting Wet White Label AUS 1989 K842 EX / EX 10 Small hole Australian original (not the band from L.A.!) DJ copy sticker on back,,,,,

7inch Xdreamysts Right Way Home Dance Away Love Good Vibrations IRE 1978 GOT 5 EX / EX 30 Rare Irish original in oversized fold out sleeve minor wear on thin paper sleeve,,,,,

7inch Zero Boys Slam and Worm She Said Goodbye Cosmos Pizza US ? PSM 45003 NM / NM 20 Fantastic fan press 45 with 2 great non-Lp trx from the Vicious Circle sessions,,,,,